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While I recognize that it says “cheat sheets,” they are actually reference sheets and not at all meant as something you would use in a test without permission. :)

This week at a glance

It’s hard to believe but it’s June 13th already. Only 10 more school days in order to finish up our Math unit, write speeches, create portfolios, and prepare for Grad so it’s going to be essential that you are here and keep up with all assignments.

For those who are still confused about some of our essential dates:

Monday – Girls’ Baseball Tournament (June 13th)

Tuesday – Boys’ Senior Baseball Tournament (June 14th)

Community Grad – at the Casino on the 21st of June (First Nations Day) – begins at 4:00 (you need to complete form if you are attending with the number of guests to ensure there is a seat and meal assigned for everyone)

Grade 8 Grad – June 28th at 6:30 – be in our room by 6:10 if possible please

Now for just this week:

Monday: computer lab – if you have not printed off your History Photo essay and handed it in, please do so today. If you have, begin your journal regarding our Grad trip last week — things to include are where we went (dates and locations), what you did, what you liked (favourite moments and why), suggestions you’d have for the next year’s grade 8s to improve it, and who you’d like to thank for making it happen. Girls are away for the Senior Baseball tournament with Ms. Shilling and Junior Track with Mr. Cosco – Go Eagles, Go! Geography Atlas Scavenger Hunt.

Tuesday: Ms. Russell will be covering today as I’m away for an appointment; Gym is at 2:00; Learning Buddies and Drum Group at 2:40 (Please ask Dan about performing at the Community Grad and let me know what the plan is for that); work on speeches for Grad (review samples from previous years)

Wednesday: Computer Lab — complete Journal, write a thank you letter to any of our fundraising contributors, begin virtue response for Creativity; Art – Father’s Day pins; vote for Valedictorian and determine theme and colours for Grad so I can order/pick up decorations.

Thursday: Gym at 10:00 — consider the weather as this may be outside; Computer Lab; Hot Dog Day (2nds last one of the year); Survey for OCT is due — students who submit this on time will get a piece of pizza for free tomorrow.

Friday: Spelling test – week #27 words; Spelling puzzle due; Algebra practice package due; Fun Friday Gym — must have ISU, photo essay, spelling puzzle, Atlas Scavenger Hunt, and Virtue response completed to participate.

This week at a glance

YIKES!!! It’s already June 6th. Where has the time gone?


We are only in class for two days so we will not have spelling words this week. Next week will be your last spelling test for the year.

Monday: We will be in the computer lab a lot today — you are to complete your Photo Essay (History/Media Literacy assignment) and begin your speech for Grad. My only specification for your speech is that you begin by introducing yourself in the same manner as you do in circle. Suggested content: thank yous to family, friends, Chief and Council, the Rama Fire Department, other staff members who taught or coached you; funny experiences with the people in this class; your favourite moments this year.

Tuesday: We leave at 9:00 for Blue Mountain. Make sure you check the weather for today as I am not sure if you will be expected to participate rain or shine and they are calling for some showers.

Wednesday: after breakfast we will be going to the Scenic Caves then off to Canada’s Wonderland — when we arrive there we will have the buffet lunch; we will be leaving CW at approximately 8:00

Thursday: Gym; Computer Lab — work on portfolios or speech

Friday: PD Day — Long weekend for you :)